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Privacy Policy

1. Information Collection

If the user only browses 《FreeWiFi.MO》(Hereinafter "this website") of Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region Government (Hereinafter “CTT”), CTT will not record the identification data, nor collect personal information such as name and phone number.

When user browse this website, it may communicate with related servers which could log below information: client’s IP / domain and access date and time. CTT does not track back to client unless we came under malicious attack.

When perusing the electronic services provided by this website, the software may use “Cookies”, mainly to store the user’s preferences and customize the user experience for subsequent visits. The default setting for most browsers is to accept Cookies, but you may reset your browser to reject them.


2. Providing Data to Third Parties

CTT may share the information in our computer systems collected from the user under the following scenarios:

  1. Stopping or preventing any immediate or potential malicious attacks against our computer systems;
  2. Complying with a court order or other legal proceedings;
  3. Situations concerning national emergency or public safety.


3. Protecting Collected Information

The above data will be made for the purpose of statistical analysis in order to provide you with better service. CTT personnel and related contractors will handle and keep the relevant information properly.


4. External Links

There are some contents in this website with links to other web sites, namely web pages of Macao Public Departments, Government or public external bodies and local or international private institutions. If a user presses these hyperlinks to establish a connection to other sites, it means that the user has left this website. Since the privacy declaration of those web sites may differ from this privacy policy, CTT does not take the responsibility for the respective contents and privacy policy. Therefore, users should be aware of the privacy policies and statements of those web sites in advance.


5. Changes of Policy

In case CTT makes changes in this policy, the revised version will be publicized without any prior notice and will indicate the date of the changing.


6. Language

In case of any inconsistency or discrepancy among the versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.


1. 所收集的信息


當使用者瀏覽本網站時,網站有可能會在過程中與郵電局相關伺服器溝通並記錄閣下所在的互聯網域名及 IP 地址、閣下開始瀏覽的日期及時間,除非發現該等操作對相關伺服器進行敵意攻擊,否則不會通過這些資料去追查使用者。



2. 提供信息予第三方


(一) 阻止或防止當前或潛在對本電腦系統的敵意攻擊;

(二) 遵守法庭命令或其他法律程序;

(三) 涉及國家緊急情況或安全考慮。


3. 收集信息的保護



4. 對外連結



5. 政策之改變



6. 語言


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